the act or sound of crying; any loud utterance or exclamation; a shout, scream, or wail. clamor; outcry.

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In shadows cast, a soul's soft sigh,
A Cry echoes, whispered lullaby.
Through tear-stained path, it may seem,
A sorrowful journey, a broken dream.

But from depths of pain, hope's bloom,
A Cry transforms, a chance to consume.
For in each tear, resilience thrives,
A wellspring of strength, where light arrives.

Though sadness lingers, let it be known,
A Cry finds solace, a heart newly sown.
From sorrow's embrace, strength will rise,
Embracing life's beauty, where hope lies.

In A Cry's tale, a lesson is found,
Sadness transformed, a strength unbound.
So let tears flow, for they hold the key,
To a brighter tomorrow, where spirits are free.

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